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Introduction to Navigation

Learn the basics of map reading. This includes learning how to orientate your map, use the key and recognise key features. Measuring distance and timing a walk are important key learning points. We look at using different Rights of Way and learn learn about the rules of access, countryside code and hill safety including how to call for help and give our location using a grid reference. By the end of the course you will have the skills to plan your own walk using a map…you’ll have the power to explore!

Advanced Navigation

This session is for you if you can already take a compass bearing. Learn more compass skills, such as aiming off, taking a back bearing, relocation skills, pacing – we stay mainly off piste on this course! Ideal for those wanting to go higher, preparing for a Mountain Leader course or wanting to practise skills to tackle poor visibility.

Intermediate Navigation

Ideal for those who already have some basic map skills. Already familiar with the map key, but have a compass and don’t know how to use it? This course gets you using a compass, combining measuring legs of a journey with walking on a bearing. We stay mostly off-path, learning how to deal with trickier terrain with less obvious features whilst also ensuring all the basic skills are consolidated too. We may start using pacing on a bearing (estimating 100m by counting our steps) depending on progress made.

Family Navigation Fun

Learn about the skills and equipment needed to keep your family safe in the hills, with this half day family friendly session that will have your kids navigating for hidden treasure! If it’s a birthday you’re celebrating, be sure to bring a cake, and we will find a cave to light the candles in for a sheltered birthday experience you’ll never forget! Gift vouchers available.

Upcoming course dates:

Thursday 7th April – Beginner’s Refresher – learn how to plan and walk a route around the delightful footpaths and bridleways of Austwick. 3 hours – £20

Sunday 8th May – Intermediate Navigation half day £30

Thursday 19th May – Intermediate Navigation half day £30

Saturday 18th JuneIngleborough Masterclass – First you will climb this incredible 723m peak. Then you will spend some time on the summit plateau practising the compass skills to help you locate every descent marked on the map. This course will give you the skills to feel confident if you get caught out on the tops in poor visibility. Full day £50 pp

Saturday 25th June – Basic Navigation half day £30

Thursday 30th June – Map reading refresher course with a guided walk of Crummackdale £50 – full day

Thursday 14th July – Basic Navigation half day £30 (10am-2pm)

Please email to discuss your needs/wishes and book your place.

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