You can’t do Nordic Walking here! This is Yorkshire!

‘Yes, you can’, I replied. We will just call it Yordic Walking instead! Wolftracks’ first Nordic Walking session was a total hit. Four lovely ladies and one Yorkshire lad tried this fitness session out on Monday, and they loved it so much, they are coming back every Monday at 9am for more next week. NewsContinue reading “You can’t do Nordic Walking here! This is Yorkshire!”

Handrailing – how can it help you?

What is handrailing*? It is following a linear feature, such as a wall, a stream to help you navigate to the point you wish to reach next. It is an ideal skill to learn if you already know the basics of navigation, and want to start venturing out onto more open ground. The obvious linearContinue reading “Handrailing – how can it help you?”

A Family Staycation in Gunnerside Gill

I like the term ‘staycation’, which of course is trending right now. With a map, the right equipment and some imagination, you can whisk up a proper little adventure that you and your family won’t forget for many years to come. Here’s one Staycation that the Wulf family dreamt up and carried out, starting inContinue reading “A Family Staycation in Gunnerside Gill”